AlpenĀ® Carbides provide clinicians with a comprehensive line of advance one-piece carbides. Almost all carbides currently sold are based on 60-year old, two-piece construction. This is when a steel shank is brazed to the carbide head; creating a weak point in the carbide. The one-piece design of AlpenĀ® Carbides works to eliminate joint breakage, while generating a concentric bur that cuts faster and lasts longer. Offering a full line of: Metal Cutting, Operative & Surgical, and Trimming & Finishing burs.

Sold in packs of five, ten, and hundred; available in friction grip (FG), friction grip short shanks (FG SS), right angle latch (RA), handpiece (HP), and operative & surgical length (O&S).


Why the Design Matters

One-piece construction eliminates brazed joint breakage and rusting, while increasing concentricity.

Why is Concentricity Important?

Concentricity relates to the rotational alignment of the bur. The trueness helps ensure that there is consistent contact between the cutting edge and cutting surface. A highly concentric bur results in a faster, smoother and more precise cut.

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