Alpen® Diamond Instruments are Swiss made providing enhanced quality. They undergo a unique, multi-layer bonding production process, which secures complete and uniform coverage, especially at the all-important tip.
Each bur is layered with natural diamonds: first an initial layer of diamonds is bonded to the steel shank for anti-vibration, and a second layer is bonded creating full diamond coverage. Alpen® Diamonds provide you with
a selection that has multiple choices fitting to your need. Sold in packs of five, available in friction grip
(FG) and friction grip short shank (FG SS).

Sold in packs of twenty-five, available in friction grip (FG), friction grip short shank (FG SS).


Four Reasons To Switch To Alpen® Diamonds

1. Enhanced Cutting

  • Diamond crystals are bonded to the steel shank, with an anti-vibration layer and then a bonding layer to
    produce enhanced cutting.

2. Greater Durability

3. Selection

  • TurboCut™ SuperCoarse spiral diamonds offer added cooling efficiency and effective debris removal for bulk reduction.
  • SuperCoarse and Coarse grits enable efficient reduction and shaping while producing a relatively smooth surface.
  • Fine, Extra-Fine and Ultra-Fine grits simplify adjustments, final contouring and finishing.
  • Short shanks offer easy access for posterior application.

4. Quality Guaranteed


Quality Engineered

Alpen® Diamond Instruments are manufactured under ISO standards. The multi-layer, natural diamond application process provides maximum uniform crystal coverage for enhanced cutting and longevity.

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