Alpen® Polishers provide a smoother polishing experience. An ideal offering of Silicone and/or Diamond Impregnated Polishers gives the clinician with a choice in: Composite, Ceramic, CAD/CAM, and Universal.

Polishers designed to handle the unique characteristics of porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays – chairside and in the lab. Allow for fine contouring to a mirror shine with long lasting shape integrity. Polishers that work with delicate materials, producing outstanding results.

Sold in packs of one and five, available in hand-piece (HP), right angle latch (RA), and unmounted (UM).


The smoother a surface is the harder it is for plaque and debris to attach itself to the restoration.

  • Alpen® Polishers produce a smoother surface versus the competition.
  • A smooth surface results in a less porous, longer lasting restoration.

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