Alpen® Speedster™ Carbide metal cutting burs rapidly cut amalgam, metal, enamel and dentin. The computer aided manufacturing design generates a bur that has an optimal and precise bur performance. These metal cutting
burs cut aggressively without stalling or clogging, reducing prep and chair time.

Sold in packs of five, available in friction grip (FG).

Alpen® Speedster™ Carbides offers a full line of metal cutters, any option for your need.

  • Alpen® Speedster™ Metal Cutting Carbides cut aggressively without clogging or stalling.
  • These burs reduce chatter, and chances of microfractures due to the one-piece design.
  • With a large selection the product offering provides a choice for your need.
  • With very little pressure and soft direction, these burs cut through with ease.

Indications For Use:

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