Alpen® SteriX Carbides are gamma sterilized, offering an aseptic bur right of the box, while advocating advanced infection control and convenience. Each pouched bur is noted with part number and five year expiration date. These carbides provide clinicians with a comprehensive line of advance one-piece carbides. The design that eliminates joint breakage, generating a concentric bur that cuts faster and last longer.

Sold in packs of ten and fifty, available in friction grip (FG), friction grip short shank (FG SS), right angle latch (RA), and operative and surgical length (O&S).


Why Take a Chance? Alpen® SteriX eliminates the risk!

  • Brand new, unsterile carbides may have colony forming units of harmful bacteria, increasing the risk of spreading infection.
  • Alpen® SteriX is gamma ray sterilized ensuring zero cfu’s, ready to use.

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