Alpen® Speedster™ Zr Plus Diamonds are ideal for Zirconia & Alumina frameworks PLUS Porcelain...Simplified intra-oral removal of zirconia and alumina restorations. Unique, synthetic diamond coating allows for chatter-free endo access through porcelain and zirconia. Fine grit enables exact interproximal contact and occlusal adjustment. Perfect for lab & chair-side adjustment of CAD/CAM frameworks and implant abutments.

Sold in packs of five, available in friction grip (FG).


Alpen® Speedster™ Zr Plus is a specialty diamond bur designed to simplify procedures involving Zirconia,
Alumina & Porcelain.

The uniformly-layered, synthetic diamond coating:

  • Reduces the risk of chipping or micro-fracturing.
  • Provides increased surface contact due to fine and extra fine layering of diamonds enabling precise cutting.
  • Reduces procedure time for Zirconia crown & bridge removal and adjustment.

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